BEAMS is an EU Research and Development project funded by the EC in the context of the 7th Framework Program. Its strategic goal is the development of an advanced, integrated  management system which enables energy efficiency in buildings and special infrastructures from a holistic perspective.

The project is developing an open interoperability gateway that will allow the management of diverse, heterogeneous sources and loads, some of them typically present nowadays in spaces of public use (e.g. public lighting, ventilation, air conditioning), some others emergent and to be widespread over the next years (e.g. electric vehicles).

BEAMS is a user driven, demonstration oriented project, where evidence of the energy and CO2 savings achieved by the project’s technologies will be collected.

By means of a decentralised architecture, BEAMS will enable new mechanisms to extend current building management systems and achieve higher degrees of efficiency.

The solution proposed will not only support the human operator of the building or facility to achieve higher efficiency in the use of energy, but it will also open new opportunities to third parties -such as Energy Service Companies (ESCO), utilities and grid operators– needing and willing to interact with BEAMS management system through the interoperability gateway in order to improve the quality and efficiency of the service –both inside and outside the perimeter of the facility.

BEAMS Mission

Our MISSION is to develop an advanced (i.e. smart, with learning capabilities), integrated (i.e. including or interoperating with the main ICT based legacy subsystems) management system which enables energy efficiency in buildings and special infrastructures from a holistic perspective (i.e. considering the indoors areas, the public spaces around the facility and the interaction of the overall compound with the grid and urban network outside it).

BEAMS final results in short:

  • A common Ontology, Information Models and Interfaces.
  • A set of Greening Energy Positive Tools: integration of Renowables Sources (RES) and Electrical Vehicles (EV).
  • An Open Gateway to interface to the energy subsystems within a facility.
  • An Facility Management Environment.
  • Large Demonstration in two emblematic scenarios:
        Football Club Barcelona Stadium
          Campus University of Salento